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Back in Bogotá

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Well, now that school is two-and-a-half weeks under way, it might be time to update my blog.

I teach the same classes this semester as last (plus another study hall), though my schedule has been reorganized, meaning I now have a class during first hour two more days a week.

I got back on Thursday, January 7, to Colombia’s summer, meaning the days were hot (into the mid to upper 70s) and the nights were cold (as low as freezing). Between the resulting frost and the current lack of water, the price of vegetables, fruit, and milk has gone up, and things are generally difficult on farmers.

More recently, the weather has been slightly cooler (though today got up to 70°F). Since changes in weather are accompanied by wind, that means I finally got to fly my kite again!

Flying my kite by the supermarket somewhat near my house