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Poetry Week and Hamsters

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

We have been celebrating poetry week at ECA this week, which means I’ve had my students do such exciting things as write poems about their favorite computer topics (among others, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL).

This week is also the week that the third graders’ pet hamster… well, I’ll let you read what happened:

There once was a hamster named Tiny
Whose prospects were looking quite shiny,
Til one day she died;
The third graders cried,
And made her a coffin that’s piney.

*Note: The last line isn’t quite true, but not many words rhyme with tiny (and I’m sure it would become true were the third graders given the idea).

Two Months

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

In two months, I will be getting on a plane and heading to Grand Rapids. I suppose that means school is almost done, so I should probably get some more good teaching in.

Now that I’m more-or-less past the survival mode of first-year-teaching, I’m moving on to the stage of enjoying the teaching. It’s a nice feeling. Of course, not every day is as enjoyable as the next, but I love being able to teach interesting topics (and attempting to convince students that they’re interesting), encouraging logical thought, problem-solving, and the like.

This quarter, we’ve begun studying MySQL with the tenth graders. (Most of will want to skip to the next paragraph at this point.) It’s been fun teaching them about the inner workings of how information is stored on just about anything that lives on the Internet. Someday they’ll realize the marketability of the skills I’m teaching them and give me a monetary gift of appreciation, I’m sure.

My parents and me at the cathedral of salt in Zipaquirá

In other news, my parents were just here for spring break, and we got to visit about a thousand points of interest in Bogotá and the surrounding towns. (The above picture is from our visit to Zipaquirá—a salt mine-turned-cathedral.)

Of course, the dry spell we’d been experiencing since January broke upon their arrival, so we had to contend with rain while they were here, but at least they got to experience the typical Bogotá climate.

Their visit was busy but really wonderful—I couldn’t have asked for a better break!