Teacher’s Day

Last Friday was Teacher’s Day in Colombia, which meant we got a half day of school and only the teachers of “important” subjects (i.e. everything but music, art, computers, and PE) had classes.

I like having a non-core class.

On the other hand, students remembered to get candy and other presents for every teacher except us non-core teachers (though that’s not quite true since I got German Hazelnut chocolate from the family I live with).

Stock Image of RitterSport Hazelnut Chocolate

In the afternoon, the school board took us to Parque Jaime Duque (James Duke Park) to hang out for the afternoon. After a delicious meal, we looked around the place a bit. There are many things I did not see (e.g. the whole zoo part), but I did get to see such things as a very large relief map of Colombia, a full-size replica of the Taj Mahal, and a whole host of replica statues and the like.

Picture of a replica of the Taj Mahal

All told, it was nice to relax for an afternoon before stressing out again over grading and other tasks related to the end of school.

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